How to change Adobe Flash Security Settings?

What are security settings?

Adobe has designed Flash Player to provide security settings that do not require you to explicitly allow or deny access in most situations. Over time, as Flash content has become more sophisticated, Flash Player has also become more sophisticated, offering users additional privacy and security protections.


How to change Flash Security Parameters:

When you manage a right click in the application, chose the "Parameters..." option.


In the next menu, click on the "Advanced..." button:


Flash Player Help will open, then click on "Global Security Settings Panel" to see the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager.



In the drop down list chose "Add location...":


At this point, Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager asks you which folder or file can be trusted. You can write " c:\ " if you want to run Flash content on your entire local computer. Otherwise choose a folder where the application is, or the application itself.


When you folder or file has been chosen, click on "Always allow" not to be bothered by future questions from Adobe.


You can close your browser (close all your browsers), your Flash application should now works.